1. BOOKS:
  2. "The Days of Abandonment" by Elena Ferrante
    I've never quite read a depiction of motherhood/womanhood like this and it is fascinating and difficult and elegantly written.
  3. "Wind / Pinball" by Haruki Murakami
    These novellas are the first things Murakami EVER wrote, so it's interesting to see the seeds of a prolific career take root.
  4. TV + MOVIES:
  5. The Great British Baking Show
    I don't normally enjoy reality tv, but I couldn't resist this one because: (1) the stakes are comically low (2) there are beautiful pastries that I can't imagine ever being able to bake!!!! (3) it is the most civil and LEAST dramatic reality show I've ever seen (even #bingate wasn't that dramatic). I may or may not have watched this in two days on Netflix.
  6. The Americans, season 4
    This is my favorite show!!!!!! Who wants to take bets on how long Pastor Tim lasts???
  7. Deutschland 83
    This show has been on my list since last summer (I knew that I would love it partly because of my obsession with The Americans), but I've only gotten around to watching it now. Two thumbs up on this baby.
  8. The Martian
    I finally got around to watching this and I am so into it because the cast was so great and the movie was inexplicably witty. Also: JESSICA CHASTAIN, 👏🏻 EVERY👏🏻BODY 👏🏻
  10. @npr's Austin 100 playlist (2016)
    I've been listening to these playlists since 2013 and every year I have looked forward to them because they are loaded with great stuff from SXSW (also this is the closest I've ever come to actually being at SXSW).
  11. Modern Vampires of the City, Vampire Weekend
    I've been listening to this a lot again and revisiting how obsessed I was with this album when it came out.
  12. NYTimes Modern Love
    This podcast is just so great — from the interesting stories to the cool actors brought in to read them.
  13. FiveThirtyEight Elections
    I'm including this pod again just because it's so damn good and informative and because I'm lowkey in love with Nate Silver.