1. I still love this thing
    It's def not a passing fad, like the time I tried keeping a diary in middle school.
  2. Other social media has pretty much lost its luster because of the wonderful community that @bjnovak and @dev have created
  3. The users are smart, clever, and intimidatingly witty
    And many lists are thought-provoking and vulnerable as hell.
  4. When I first downloaded @list after seeing BJ tweet about it, I was nervous because it felt like I was sitting down at the cool kids' table uninvited
  5. But the beta users were v nice and welcoming and it's been amazing to see this little community grow and evolve
    And to also figure out how this app can be used, especially in situations like what happened in Paris last night.
  6. I hope all of this continues as listapp continues to grow 💖