1. Royce- Chewy (not because he's brown)
    I shouldn't need to answer this
  2. Carter- Luke
    Carter is like the unspoken leader of our group. Luke is basically the leader of the Jedi now
  3. Parker- Poe
    Parker likes me I think and plus Parker is a god at soccer and Poe is a god at Flying
  4. Tyler Stafford- Kylo Ren
    Tyler is almost as savage as mark.
  5. Tyler Rugh- Hon solo
    Do j really need to explain this one?
  6. Catherine- Rey
    Cat is a pretty strong girl. I trust her with the force
  7. Kate- Leia
    Just feels like a right fit
  8. Wesley- Jar Jar
  9. Me- BB8
    I like Parker and I always end up looking for carter
  10. Landon- Fin
    Fin is a baller, Landon is a baller.
  11. Tanner- R2D2
    R2D2 is just cool, tanner is pretty cool
  12. Mark- Snoke
    Mark is the most savage