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  1. Hydration
    Your jaw has been dropped for almost a whole hour, you have no choice but to drink water every 5 minutes to keep things moist.
  2. Reduced snack intake
    Are you kidding me? There's no time to snack during Scandal! Plus, anytime you feel the slightest bit of hunger, there is sure to be a scene full of blood and guts that'll make you lose your appetite immediately
  3. Cardiovascular workout
    Your heart rate is elevated for the entire show, it's basically the equivalent to being on a treadmill for an hour
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  1. "Sorry, I'm chafing "
  2. "Your sweater makes you look like a couch."
  3. "I'm you're father."
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  1. Wake up.
  2. Go back to sleep.
  3. Wake up.
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  1. Who am I?
  2. Where am I?
  3. Is that a cat, or an alien sleeping on me?
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  1. One
    Self explanatory
  2. Two
    I guess I took this photo of my prescription eye drops while I was in my snow leopard print pajamas. 😎
  3. Three
    My roommate and I found ice furniture while living in Montreal. I was pretending to paint her like one of my French girls. (I hope the reference is clear otherwise I sound like a grade A creep)
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Just kidding - there are 6 pictures on this list. His name is Franky. He is 9 years old. He's a Siamese, and is as evil as the ones from Lady and the Tramp. I love him
  1. He thinks he's better than everyone else
  2. But it's things like getting catne that keep him grounded
  3. He gives me sass because I take a lot of pictures of him
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We have one life to live. Let's do it TOGETHER people.
  1. It's an important, true story that everyone needs to know about.
  2. The performances are remarkably raw, touching an heartfelt .
  3. It's a story about our relationships to one another, as human beings.
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  1. Laugh-cried
  2. Thought that I must be too single for my own good
  3. Questioned how she knew what a "sugar daddy" was.
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  1. There is no greater feeling than shopping while simultaneously drinking a beer
  2. It's okay to wear purple lipstick to breakfast
  3. It's okay to wear purple lipstick to bed
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