Thanks Shonda 💪
  1. Hydration
    Your jaw has been dropped for almost a whole hour, you have no choice but to drink water every 5 minutes to keep things moist.
  2. Reduced snack intake
    Are you kidding me? There's no time to snack during Scandal! Plus, anytime you feel the slightest bit of hunger, there is sure to be a scene full of blood and guts that'll make you lose your appetite immediately
  3. Cardiovascular workout
    Your heart rate is elevated for the entire show, it's basically the equivalent to being on a treadmill for an hour
  4. Muscle toning
    I don't know about you, but sometimes I'm so into what's happening in the world of Olivia Pope that I forget to sit all the way down. I usually end up doing an hour long squat.
  5. Heightened self-awareness
    Let's be honest, we are all a little more conscious of our own decisions after an episode of Scandal. We question if our choices will ultimately lead to the government finding/killing us, and making it look like we accidentally burnt the house down while making toast.