A Dozen Favorite Concert Photographs I've Taken

Not a pro & I'm trying to take less pictures & just enjoy the show. But sometimes it just works out.
  1. Local H
    The one time I thought it would be OK to get a pic of myself in the front row with my favorite band playing behind me. This wasn't him being playful, it was him saying, hey don't be that fucking guy. Lesson learned. But it was worth it.
  2. Filter
    Richard Patrick grabbed my GoPro and fucking rocked it. He was really into the whole camera thing. Watch it here https://youtu.be/7ixOBcCRQ5A
  3. U2
    Perfect spot for U2's 360 tour & I managed to grab a few great pics, but as a guitar aficionado, I like this one.
  4. Wilco
    Lights playing off the fog rolling in from the Mississippi River. A still picture doesn't do the scene justice.
  5. Motörhead
    A shot of Lemmy firing his Rickenbacker into the crowd. #RIPLemmy
  6. Nada Surf
    They left it all on the stage at the Old Rock House in St. Louis.
  7. Iron Maiden
    Nailed the pyrotechnics on this shot, but Bruce Dickinson's stage presence is just as powerful.
  8. My Morning Jacket
    I was overheated and super thirsty on this hot night in Memphis. The shot where Jim James looked like Darth Vader didn't quite turn out.
  9. Alice Cooper
    Lots of great images from an Alice Cooper show, but this is a nice pic I took of his pet.
  10. The Life & Times
    Give this band a couple of shop lights to set up and they let the music do the rest.
  11. Clutch
    My favorite Clutch pics are the ones that capture the crazy eyes of Neil Fallon, but I like this one too.
  12. Muse
    Quite a spectacle. Ranks high in my favorite concerts of all time. I need to work on that list sometime.