Inspired by @culture_czar
  1. Illinois
    I've lived in Illinois 38 out of 42 years, so it's most of the memories. I remember the first time I took my son to Wrigley Field, and accidentally deleted all the pictures on my camera as we were leaving the ballpark. So all I have are memories of that.
  2. Missouri
    Watching my dad's wedding ring fall into Lake of the Ozarks. He just got out of the water, I was still floating next to the dock. I was the only one who noticed & didn't say anything. Haunted me for years. Just recently told my mom. It wasn't as big of a deal as I made it out to be.
  3. Iowa
    Being chased out of Keokuk by an angry mob of other high school kids. We were chasing tail on their turf.
  4. Arkansas
    Broke a fan belt traveling across state. Got into an El Camino with a complete stranger to go get a new one at his redneck auto repair shop. Also known as: that time I should have been kidnapped and murdered.
  5. Louisiana
    Meeting my wife. We were at a bar. We kept bumping heads.
  6. Texas
    Breaking down in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, in my roommates jeep - on the way to camp out for Pearl Jam tickets. Vs. Tour, 1993. We never got the tickets.
  7. New York
    Missing out on seeing Late Night with David Letterman by just 1 minute.
  8. Alabama
    Standing on the deck of the USS Alabama in Mobile Bay.
  9. Tennessee
    Showing this gif to a guy at a bar the night Bin Laden was killed, and watching that guy freak out thinking it was real, taking my phone and showing everybody he could.
  10. Indiana
    My first out-of-state memory: Seeing a big red radar dish at the Evansville airport.
  11. Minnesota
    Passing up a photo opportunity with the Wonder Pets at the Mall of America. Because I was a grown man all by myself. I'll never let that happen again.
  12. California
    The first 3 things I did: Walk into the ocean. Eat In-n-Out Burger. Go to Meltdown Comics to watch standup.
  13. Virginia
    Stayed up for 32 hours waiting for a flight. Maybe it was shorter, maybe longer, but I could not sleep and it felt like 3 days.
  14. Ohio
    Burning my legs in the sun at a Reds game.
  15. Texas
    Following some girls home from the beach who turned out to be white trash witches who put a hex on my friend Krazy Karl.
  16. Florida
    Getting pass out drunk on Korean Soju and missing my only chance to see a live shuttle launch.
  17. Maryland
    Tried a Yuengling for the first time. Before that I thought it was a Chinese import.
  18. Kansas
    Drove 12 hours to a small town in western Kansas, had 2 beers, fell asleep, and drove back.
  19. Mississippi
    Driving alone on a two lane blacktop in the middle of nowhere I saw a green fireball streak across the sky at 1am.
  20. Wisconsin
    That time I went 1 foot into Wisconsin to pee. (It ok, I've been there other times, it's a great state)
  21. Pennsylvania
    Ordering a Philly cheesesteak and realizing the best thing I can get on it is Cheez Whiz. (But that's just me, it's great)
  22. Kentucky
    Randomly meeting Jim James of My Morning Jacket at Lebowski Fest.
  23. Washington DC
    Not a state, but oh well. Took the wrong train to the worst park of DC late at night. Talked to a very nice person who I thought might rob or stab me.
  24. Georgia
    Changed flights. They have a cool people mover.
  25. New Jersey
    Only drove through. Slept most of the way. I remember the Jersey City skyline.
  26. Delaware
    Only drove through. Saw the Wilmington skyline.
  27. West Virginia
    Only drove through. There was a tunnel, and downtown Wheeling.