An Alphabetic List of Music Acts I've Seen Perform Live

Inspired by @TQ... I've seen a lot of concerts in my day... Not so many lately, but I could fill up a list like this a couple times.
  1. AC/DC
    The most recent music act I've seen live, after decades I finally caught AC/DC - on what happened to be Brian Johnson's final performance.
  2. Badlands
    I wanted guitarist Jake E. Lee's autograph so bad that I forged it. Never showed anyone, then threw it away later in shame. It was on a Spuds McKenzie t-shirt.
  3. Clutch
    One of my favorite live acts of all time, it's always a workout when these guys put on a show.
  4. Damn Yankees
    During the Gulf War and Ted Nugent shot a flaming arrow at a giant Saddam Hussein target behind the stage. Look, I still like this band, but today you couldn't pay me to see Ted Nugent's racist sexist ignorant asshole ass.
  5. Enuff Z'Nuff
    Very underrated band, but I have it on good authority that Chip Z'Nuff is a premature ejaculator. How's that for a summary?!
  6. Foo Fighters
    Saw them the same day Dave Grohl picked up that blue guitar you always see him with. It was made at the Gibson factory in downtown Memphis.
  7. George Thorogood
    My very first concert + I hung out with him backstage and shot the shit. So that outranks other G bands and the "making it out of the Great White show alive" joke.
  8. Ha Ha Tonka
    Another of my favorite bands/live acts, when they come to your city - do yourself a favor and GO.
  9. Iron Maiden
    One of my favorite concerts ever. Waited 25 years, but lucky for me they were playing a 25 year old setlist.
  10. Jane's Addiction
    Probably the best concert I've seen within the confines of a music festival. I thought they'd be good but I wasn't prepared to be blown away from the first note.
  11. Kiss
    Despite the fact they're corny and Gene Simmons is a dick, I'm still a metalhead & still like Kiss & they put on a great show.
  12. Local H
    Again, my favorite band, getting better with every new year, with the best live show. I've seen H more than any other band. Most underrated band ever, but I don't think they'd want it any other way.
  13. Murder By Death
    Seen a lot of great M acts (My Morning Jacket for one) but this is one of my most frequent and favorite live acts.
  14. Nada Surf
    One of my favorite small venue live performances by a band I've only seen once.
  15. Ozzy Osbourne
    Caught Ozzy's "Retirement Sucks Tour" in 1996, the year of the first Ozzfest. Great show that I'll remember more for the openers Type O Negative and Sepultura (my first live thrash experience)...
  16. Pearl Jam
    For me personally, Pearl Jam is the pinnacle of live shows.
  17. Queens of the Stone Age
    Incredible show. I think I watched Josh Homme down a handle of Jack before it was over? Didn't phase him at bit.
  18. Rick Springfield
    Both times I saw Rick Springfield it was free. But I woulda paid! He still puts on a hell of a show.
  19. Slayer
    Slayer is loud. Hot and loud and awesome. 🤘🏻🤘🏻
  20. Tool
    Maynard James Keenan sang from back of the stage, in the dark, next to the drummer. But I've seen a band called Lo Pan where the singer was *behind* the drummer the whole show.
  21. U2
    U2 at Busch Stadium ranks up there as one of my favorite concerts ever. They put on quite a spectacle.
  22. Van Halen
    This was the getting-back-with-David-Lee-Roth tour. Eddie's guitar was flawless.
  23. Whitesnake
    My wife should've known when she married me she's end up at a Whitesnake concert at some point in her life. Well, we made it.
  24. X-Y
    I'm surprised how easy it was to fill out the alphabet up to this point. Then came X and Y.
  25. Ziggy Marley
    I pretty much saw Ziggy Marley in passing at the Beale Street Music Festival. I just wanted to hear Tomorrow People.