An Alphabetic List of Music Acts I've Seen Perform Live. Part II

Inspired by @TQ and @culture_czar ...I'm not going to remember every band, but it's hard to leave it at one list.
  1. Against Me!
    Saw Against Me! twice, before Tom Gabel became a lady. Incredible live, and I'm fine with him becoming Laura Jane Grace, but it's just strange to still hear that same powerful, manly punk rock voice.
  2. The Black Crowes
    Another one of my favorite live acts, that I only caught for the first time in recent years. The Crowes have been one of my favorites since their first album.
  3. Childish Gambino
    I need to see more live hip hop. Such a great time, every time. Plus Donald Glover is such a great triple threat with the comedy and acting.
  4. Dokken
    Seen them in the 90s (I was really excited to touch George Lynch's guitar playing hands) & saw them again a few years ago. For the latter, Don Dokken wasn't really hitting the high notes.
  5. Electric Six
    Such a fun band to see live. Dick Valentine feeds off the crowd and vice-versa.
  6. Filter
    Made buying a GoPro worth every penny when Richard Patrick grabbed mine and put on a show for me.
  7. George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic
    Funky, obviously. And where else can you see a grown man dressed like a baby in a diaper & playing guitar?
  8. The Hold Steady
    Craig Finn spits more than any lead singer I've ever seen. It's kinda freaky. But he's a great frontman & puts on a fantastic show!
  9. Iggy Pop and The Stooges
    He let everybody up on stage to dance. His body is weird and leathery. Cool to see bassist Mike Watt, one of my favorites.
  10. Jackyl
    Recently named by me as the best live act I've seen in my own hometown.
  11. Kings of Leon
    Saw them riiiiiiight before they hit the pretentious stage of their career.
  12. Live
    This was probably my favorite band in the 90s & one of the first concerts I took my wife to.
  13. Mumford & Sons
    This concert in Memphis felt like the largest concert I've ever been to. A sea of people at the peak of their fame.
  14. Nine Inch Nails
    I like to be sober at every show I see, but if I see NIN again, I want to smoke something before... because that - would - be - SO - awwwwwwwesome.
  15. Orange Goblin
    I wasn't sure what to expect going in to this one, but I came out a fan. The lead singer embodies heavy metal awesomeness.
  16. Poison
    The first big arena concert I attended. I wanted to meet up w/ this girl after but I was cockblocked and somebody stuck gum in my hair.
  17. Q
    Queens of the Stone Age. Covered in my 1st list. That's the only one.
  18. Robert Cray
    A blues legend but, I only knew one song going in (Smoking Gun) but it was a great show.
  19. Slipknot
    The band I had the lowest expectations for going in - but was the most blown away by. Unbelievably awesome show.
  20. Testament
    One of my favorite thrash bands of all time. The lead singer Chuck Billy sounded like a demon from Hell. Loved it.
  21. Uncle Tupelo
    Ok. Kind of a cheat here. U2 is my only U band. But I saw SON VOLT who used to be Uncle Tupelo & they ended with an Uncle Tupelo song. Wilco emerged from the Uncle Tupelo breakup too.
  22. Volbeat
    Great live show. Another concert I went into with low expectations and got an incredibly high rate of return.
  23. Wilco
    The first time I saw Wilco was the night Bin Laden was killed. News broke during the show. Jeff Tweedy never mentioned it. You bet your sweet ass Godsmack did one stage down.
  24. X, Y, and Z
    Nothing for X Y & Z... I saw Zakk Wylde, but not solo. He was playing for Ozzy Osbourne.