Baseball Hall of Famers I've Met*

*Using the word "met" loosely.
  1. Ernie Banks
    Asked me where I was from and he told me he played golf with my mayor. Super nice guy.
  2. Ron Santo
    Told him I was a huge fan and he was super nice to me. I could tell he was wearing a hairpiece.
  3. Fergie Jenkins
    Got his autograph recently, he knows my neighbor.
  4. Stan Musial
    Watched him play the harmonica in the Busch Stadium dugout.
  5. Red Schoendienst
    Rode an elevator with him and Bob Costas.
  6. Tony LaRussa
    Didn't meet so much as I just pointed a camera at his face.
  7. Bobby Cox
    Was a jerk during a live radio broadcast we were conducting.