Decades of the 20th Century, Ranked

Without over analyzing or getting too deep, ranking the decades...
  1. 80s
    Pop culture defines the 80s & I was a kid, so all the economics and politics are overruled by cartoons, TV, toys, girls, music videos, and fun.
  2. 90s
    90s were 80s-lite, so much pop culture and politics, but more angsty. Did most of my growing up in the 90s.
  3. 70s
    I mean, obviously the 70s sucked. But for all the tacky clothes and furniture you had a good song and good drugs to set the balance.
  4. 20s
    Screw Prohibition, everyone is drinkin'! Partying! Women are getting wild, and jazz clubs are bumpin'...
  5. 50s
    Post war America, sandwiched between two bad decades. Is that why they called it The Twilight Zone? Everything seems perfect! (On the surface...)
  6. 40s
    World War II is the only thing that defines this decade. The only reason it ranks so high is the heroism of everyone who had to fight and live through it.
  7. 60s
    No thanks. Vietnam, assassinations, racism (I mean, more racism)... The hippies seem cool except nobody liked hippies as the time. The awful things of this decade outweigh the awesome, so it ranks low.
  8. 10s
    Lots of good but more bad. World War I? The Titanic? Red October? Definitely outranks any good baseball that was going on.
  9. 30s
    The Great Depression? Pass. Just think, the only thing that stopped the depression was the worst war ever. An important decade for sure, but yeah, depressing.
  10. 00s
    For every technical innovation, there was a war or some sort of bad news somewhere. I don't even know what people did to have fun. And how did mankind only master flight in the 20th century?!