Horror movie locations I've been to...

I'm sure I've been to other locations that qualify, but the are the first one I thought of.
  1. The house from Halloween
    Fun fact: it's a few houses off Sunset Blvd in Hollywood.
  2. The house from A Nightmare on Elm Street
    Fun fact: it's a few house off Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, literally 2 blocks away from the house in Halloween.
  3. The house from The Exorcist
    Fun fact: it's in Georgetown & literally across the street from the bar in St. Elmo's Fire. The original house that inspired The Exorcist is in St. Louis. I drove by it on Halloween.
  4. The building from Poltergeist III
    It's just the John Hancock Center.
  5. The cemetery from The Return of the Living Dead
    Technically, not really, it was shot in L.A., but it takes place in Louisville & I visit Cave Hill Cemetery every time I'm in town, it's Louisville's most famous cemetery. So I pretend like it's the same one.
  6. The grocery store from The Mist
    Fun fact: it's not in Maine, like in the movie. It's in a small town in north Louisiana, and the movie's interior scenes were filmed on a soundstage in Shreveport.
  7. The plantation from Interview with the Vampire
    Oak Alley Plantation west of New Orleans. A whole lot of movies are filmed there.
  8. The mansion from American Horror Story: Coven
    Ok, a series, not a movie. It's in the Garden District of New Orleans.
  9. The other mansion from American Horror Story:Coven
    The most haunted place in New Orleans is the infamous LaLaurie Mansion (look it up, its crazy) ...it's in the French Quarter, als. Nicolas Cage bought it. His career went on to be cursed. Right?!