If All the Black Crowes Albums Had the Same Logo

I'm a fan of branding, so here's what each Black Crowes studio album would look like if they stuck with the logo on the debut album's cover.
  1. Shake Your Money Maker
    The original logo, I really like it. Man, the band looks stoned.
  2. The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
    A slight improvement on the original, even though it seems less serious, but Chris Robinson still looks super weird on this cover.
  3. Amorica
    There was no logo on this cover originally. Adding one lightens it up a little, makes it seem just a tiny bit less dirty.
  4. Three Snakes and One Charm
    The original cover was all one font, super clean like it was designed by Apple. I like that better.
  5. By Your Side
    The Crowes really shouldn't dress up like that. But the logo seems to work pretty well in this case.
  6. Lions
    I was never a huge fan of this cover. The logo doesn't improve it any.
  7. Warpaint
    The original logo helps this one I think, but I could go either way.
  8. Before the Frost...
    Seems a little bit more like a Black Crowes album cover than a water painting with the original logo added.
  9. ...Until the Freeze
    The second part of the final album, I think looks better than the first half with the original logo added.