Most times it's about the fans.
  1. Cardinals
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    Division rivals. I appreciate the Cardinals and I might like them more if Cardinals fans weren't such dicks. Some are good, can't fault them all.
  2. Mets
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    Aside from the 2015 NLCS situation, Mets fans are assholes. Fact.
  3. Giants
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    I think I'd want to like the Giants. Great history, cool park, but I never met a Giants fan I liked.
  4. Yankees
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    Cuz I'm tired of hearing about them. Fans seem like jerks too.
  5. Tigers
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    I kinda like all the teams in the AL Central, even the White Sox. Tigers? Not so much.
  6. A's
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    This is all about that awful stadium. Call me when you get a new place that doesn't completely suck.