Least Favorite Mlb Team in Each Division

Most times it's about the fans.
  1. Cardinals
    Division rivals. I appreciate the Cardinals and I might like them more if Cardinals fans weren't such dicks. Some are good, can't fault them all.
  2. Mets
    Aside from the 2015 NLCS situation, Mets fans are assholes. Fact.
  3. Giants
    I think I'd want to like the Giants. Great history, cool park, but I never met a Giants fan I liked.
  4. Yankees
    Cuz I'm tired of hearing about them. Fans seem like jerks too.
  5. Tigers
    I kinda like all the teams in the AL Central, even the White Sox. Tigers? Not so much.
  6. A's
    This is all about that awful stadium. Call me when you get a new place that doesn't completely suck.