My favorite band of all time.
  1. The Song Remains the Same
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    Only live album LZ put out while they were putting out. It's a good live album, but I rarely listen to it. Dazed and Confused, clocking in just under a half hour, is a monster.
  2. Coda
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    The posthumous release of unreleased tracks. It's not bad, but it ain't great. The 4 bonus tracks from the 1993 reissue are all better than the original 1982 release.
  3. In Through the Out Door
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    Generally regarded as LZ's weakest album by many, In The Evening is an absolutely great LZ song. The rest I'd say isn't really representative of Zeppelin in the broad sense, but I still actually like it.
  4. Presence
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    Like the mysterious object on the cover, I don't know what it is that attracts me to this album, but I love it.
  5. Physical Graffiti
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    This double album is great, but it would be greater if about 1/2 the songs were dropped and made into an separate album. And the songs I'd drop, I still like them.
  6. Led Zeppelin III
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    Here's were we get in trouble by thinking this album deserves to be ranked 5th, when we're really struggling for a 5 way tie for the top. It's great, but 4 others are slightly greater.
  7. Led Zeppelin
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    One of, if not THE, greatest debut albums of all time, it's really a perfect example of how American blues influenced British rock and roll.
  8. Houses of the Holy
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    I think this is Led Zeppelin's most fun album, yet it has the epic No Quarter and the song they better play at my funeral, The Rain Song.
  9. Led Zeppelin II
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    I consider this the most "heavy metal" album from LZ. Lots of great riffs and dirty jams. Sadly one of my favorite LZ songs, Living Loving Maid, was Jimmy Page's least favorite.
  10. Led Zeppelin IV
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    My introduction to Zeppelin, and it really covers a lot of ground for such a short album. For me, Led Zeppelin IV is the cornerstone of rock music.