Metallica Studio Albums, Ranked

  1. 9.
    St. Anger (2003)
    Widely regarded as Metallica's shittiest studio album, not counting the Lulu collaboration with Lou Reed. We can thank Lars shitty sounding tight snare drum. I have tried and tried with this album, as long as it's been out... and while it does in fact have a good song or 2, it is in fact, pretty hard to get through. PICK TRACK: Some Kind of Monster
  2. 8.
    Death Magnetic (2008)
    It sounds like Metallica, but it just lacks the personality. I can barely remember a riff or recite a line. It's not bad, it's just bland. PICK TRACK: Cyanide
  3. 7.
    Re-Load (1997)
    Pretty good, but it kind of peters out at the end. This is the follow-up/accompanying album to Load and it shows. Not an album of leftovers, just not as good. PICK TRACK: Cape Diem Baby
  4. 6.
    Load (1996)
    I think this album continues the feel of the black album. It's really a good Metallica album, but still pales in comparison to all the previous works. I think it's held up very well over the years. PICK TRACK: King Nothing
  5. 5.
    Kill 'Em All (1983)
    One of the best debuts of all time. The sound is mean and dirty and raw. It's the biker bar of metal albums. It kills me to rank this 5th, but I like every album in the top 5 for different reasons. PICK TRACK: Seek & Destroy
  6. 4.
    ...And Justice For All (1998)
    This was my favorite album for a long time. I liked Metallica before, but this made them my favorite band. I love every note of this album but something always felt strange about it. Then I realized Lars had the bass nearly eliminated from the mix. Sorry, you need the bass, points deducted. Fuckin' Lars. PICK TRACK: The Frayed Ends of Sanity
  7. 3.
    Metallica (1991)
    The only problem with the black album is that Enter Sandman is incredibly overplayed and overrated. The further you get in to the album the better it gets & has one of the the best 2nd halves of all time. PICK TRACK: The God That Failed
  8. 2.
    Ride the Lightning (1984)
    Hard to choose the best Metallica album when the top 2 are so good and sort of similar, but Ride the Lightning is a tiny bit less refined. Still incredible for a sophomore album. PICK TRACK: Trapped Under Ice
  9. 1.
    Master of Puppets (1986)
    I could make a case for any album in the top 5 here as my favorite, but Master of Puppets would punch you in the fucking face for not picking it to be first. It's just that bad ass. PICK TRACK: Leper Messiah