Most recent 10 albums I've listened to.

Over the past week... Some of these are currently in heavy rotation in my earholes.
  1. 10.
    Psychic Warfare
    Picked this up on Record Store Day. Some of the songs are great, yet it still doesn't rank as one of my favorite Clutch albums. Doesn't mean it's not awesome.
  2. 9.
    The Turn
    One of my favorite bands of the 90s, Live managed to pick it back up with a new lead singer and out an album that ranks with their best.
  3. 8.
    Kid A
    Repeated listenings to album #1 on this list had me hankering for Kid A. Why did they make the record 10"?! I gotta manually put the needle down, man.
  4. 7.
    Time's Up
    This album is so groundbreaking, it still holds up as awesome 26 years after it's release. Go listen to it and see for yourself.
  5. 6.
    The heavier follow-up to Time's Up. I often find myself going back to these 2 Living Colour albums again and again.
  6. 5.
    Blood Sugar Sex Magik
    Listened to this while cutting the grass the other day. Still holds up so well and is such a fun album to take in.
  7. 4.
    I like listening to this as I go to sleep. Had a lot of Prince albums playing non-stop after his death, but I keep going back to Bowie's parting gift.
  8. 3.
    Weezer (The White Album)
    Listening to the new one as my first Weezer concert approaches. It's decent but it ranks 4th in the Weezer-colored album division.
  9. 2.
    For All Kings
    Put on the new Anthrax today after getting tickets to see them w/ Death Angel & Slayer later this year. I've said I'm musically diverse, Anthrax to Radiohead is a good example.
  10. 1.
    A Moon Shaped Pool
    The new Radiohead has been in constant heavy rotation since it's release. A few times a day I listen to it. Some songs invoke other band's sounds for me. Desert Island Disk reminds me of Led Zeppelin's instrumental Black Mountain Side... One of my favorite tracks on the album, Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor... etc etc, reminds me of Nirvana's Something in the Way. I can't stop listening to it. The last track, actually an older song re-recorded, True Love Waits, reminds me of Death Cab For Cutie.