My Twitter milestones @mjprovine

  1. 5,000
    Just hit 5,000. My tweets are ramping up a bit.
  2. 4,800
    The previous tweet was a reference to Donald Trump.
  3. 4,000
    For a baseball fan, 4000 is a big milestone to hit.
  4. 3,500
    Shout out to my Twitter wife. Also she's my non-Twitter wife.
  5. 3,000
    I like baseball stats.
  6. 2,400
    It's actually a picture of me making the actual tweet. From an Applebee's. Maybe a Denny's.
  7. 2,014
    This was a reference to 14 in 14 which was all the Cardinals talked about but luckily didn't achieve. #RoyalsIn14
  8. 2,001
    I like to tweet pics as much as possible. This one worked out pretty good.
  9. 2,000
    Twitter puns.
  10. 1,992
    Marking a milestone tweet w/ a milestone year. I was a fun guy.
  11. 1,974
    True I was slow to start tweeting, and actually had an aversion to the terms "tweet" and "tweeting".
  12. 1,000
    For the record, this is the reason my tweet count isn't 5X higher. I try not to tweet things without giving it some thought, or just tweeting live reactions to events, for the most part.
  13. 666
    I'm not going to pass up a 666th post opportunity! (I'm a metalhead, not a Satanist)
  14. 420
    Remember the days when you could not actually post pics WITH Twitter?
  15. I'm surprised the Twitpic link still works. I remember that bottle of Captain too.
  16. 69
    Never miss a chance.
  17. Pre-embedding days when you had to leave Twitter a lot. We've come a long way.
  18. 1
    My first post, ...or tweet. Seems a bit insensitive. Oh, how we have matured in 7 years.