Nbc Friday Night Shows From the 80's

All these shows aired on Friday night at some point, on NBC, between 1979 and 1990.
  1. Quincy
    You can imagine my excitement when we moved to the town with the same name.
  2. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
    Who gave that droid that hair cut? I remember the episode when Buck ended up on Earth like nothing happened, but it was a dream. Made me sad.
  3. Kate Loves a Mystery
    I don't remember Captain Janeway solving mysteries at all. So, did she always go by her own name?
  4. Harper Valley PTA
    I remember the show's opening credits, but I totally forgot this was a Barbara Eden sitcom
  5. Sanford
    They brought back Sanford but sent Lamont off to Alaska?! Boo. Fun fact: Sanford is Redd Foxx's real last name.
  6. Nero Wolfe
    William Conrad looks like a total pimp, but I don't remember this at all.
  7. NBC Magazine
    Another prime time news show. They've been around forever apparently.
  8. McClain's Law
    Don't remember this, but that's freakin' Gunsmoke!
  9. Cassie & Co.
    Angie Dickinson as a PI. Ed Harris was on this show.
  10. The Powers of Matthew Starr
    Ok this is when I started sitting in front of the TV every Friday. I just remember this alien kid having a weird number of organs or something. 2 hearts? 3 lungs? I dunno.
  11. Manimal
    Hey, Manimal, right? That guy's name is Simon McCorkindale. The whole reason I wanted to do this list.
  12. Knight Rider
    Hell yes. Now we're talking. I even remember the promos before the pilot episode even aired. This was my favorite show.
  13. Remington Steele
    Not exactly the target audience but I still liked the show. She was hot and he was cool.
  14. V
    Ooh. My new favorite show. I was so excited about V. And I was OK being attracted to an evil lizard lady.
  15. Hunter
    One of my favorite cop shows back in the day. We're on a roll with the hot co-stars.
  16. Miami Vice
    The coolest show of the 80s. Loved it. But I'm still 10 so Knight Rider is still my favorite for a little bit longer.
  17. Misfits of Science
    I loved this show. It was like the X-Men, kinda, with that girl from the Springsteen video and the guy who would later be The Predator.
  18. The A-Team
    This went into the Knight Rider time slot. Perfect. Everybody started doing Mr. T impressions.
  19. LA Law
    I forgot this aired on Friday at one point. RIP Benny.
  20. Rags to Riches
    A musical comedy drama that moved into The A-Team's time slot? Fuck you I'm out. Wait, is that Gina from Martin? It is. I'm still outta here.
  21. Private Eye
    Cool, young Josh Brolin ...and this guy here who looks like Seth Meyers? Don't remember it. I was definitely hanging out at the mall every single Friday night at this point.
  22. Sonny Spoon
    Ok I remember this. Mario Van Peebles was trying to be hip. But that name was silly as hell.
  23. Something Is Out There
    Yeah I'm out at the mall again. I don't remember this sci-fi show but I somehow remember the girl... Teenagers, right?
  24. Baywatch
    On NBC on Fridays. Don't remember that either, but I never really got into Baywatch. Strangely enough.
  25. Hardball
    The guy from Beverly Hills Cop in a stereotypical buddy cop show. No memory.
  26. Mancuso, FBI
    I have completely tuned out at this point.