There's not much good here
  1. Vulgar Display of Power
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    Simple. Classic. Punch you in the damn face. Winner.
  2. Far Beyond Driven (banned)
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    Nasty drill bit going in a butt. Poopy brown color scheme. Ranked high for being banned.
  3. Far Beyond Driven
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    Kinda abstract, not too bad. The non banned version is so vague they couldn't ban it.
  4. The Great Southern Trendkill
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    It's a ssssssnake. Looks pretty badass, right?
  5. Cowboys From Hell
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    The classic Pantera as we know it was their 5th album, and the cover is OK. Bit of a lazy collage.
  6. Reinventing the Steel
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    Pantera's final album made no big deal with this mess of a cover. It's got fire, so there's that.
  7. Metal Magic
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    Debut album cover looks like it was made by the cheerleaders at whatever Texas high school Dimebag was going to.
  8. I Am The Night
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    Album #3 looks more like a metal band. A metal band your buddy was in back in junior high. Sadly Pantera is still a glam rock band at this point.
  9. Power Metal
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    4 albums in, still can't get it together. Looks like a demo tape from 1980. I'd say they didn't give a shit about presentation, but the hair says otherwise.
  10. Projects in the Jungle
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    The 11 year old headbanger who colored this should be really proud!