List request from @TQ
  1. GoPro Colonoscopy
    This... shouldn't hurt a bit.
  2. Shark Dunk Tank
    How many great whites can you fit into a kiddie pool?
  3. The Nursing Home Sponge Bath Experience
    Cue the Barry White.
  4. SpaceX Rocket Camera
    What could go wrong?
  5. Spider Hole Verification
    Either that or use your hand.
  6. Minority at a Trump Rally
    Discreetly hide the camera under one of those red hats, let the fun begin!
  7. NAMBLA Kid Cam
    It's all about fun and games, right?!
  8. Arkansas Trespassing Drone
    How many acres can you go without getting blasted out of the sky? Also available in Missouri, West Virginia, and coming soon to Alabama & Mississippi.
  9. Root canal surgery
    Suggested by   @cvlop61