Seems crazy the Rangers & Braves & maybe the D'Backs are replacing their nice ballparks while the A's and Rays can't get out of their dumps. Here's things all teams can do to improve their parks.
  1. A's
    Flee the Coliseum and build the old proposed Cisco Field. Best ballpark never built.
  2. Rangers
    Too early to tell but my first reaction to the new park was negative. I like the current park. I know it gets hot there, fine, but all the artist renderings I've seen of the new park have a glass roof? Greenhouse!
  3. Rays
    Flee that damn dome! I wish they'd build what was proposed years ago.
  4. Angels
    Drop that right field section down closer to the field. Get rid of the dugout style seats behind home plate and have seats down to the field.
  5. Dodgers
    The center field area is just a hot mess. Remove it like a tumor and start fresh. A bridge, walkway, anything. A black mesh can still obscure the batters eye.
  6. Cardinals
    The ballpark is fine. But it's been 10 years and they need to get on the stick with the Ballpark Village. They only recently finished 1 building & I'm wondering if they're even gonna bother with the original vision.
  7. Cubs
    They're doing great right now with the renovations, especially in such a tight space, but if they could engineer a way to remove those columns without the ballpark collapsing, then do that.
  8. White Sox
    Compared to how the park looks now compared to when it opened, I can't think of anything because they've done a great job. Maybe spruce up the grounds outside. Replace the lots w/ garages and use the extra room for green space.
  9. Diamondbacks
    Remove the centerfield scoreboard, open up that area, and install two new screens in left and right above the seats.
  10. Brewers
    Never been a fan of the outfield area. Not sure what I'd do given limitation with space, but I'd reconfigure everything out there. Start with an all digital scoreboard like KC.
  11. Mets
    The outfield wall is a mess, it's been reconfigured. Settle on where it's gonna be then renovate the seats to bring fans to the wall.
  12. Tigers
    Tone down the top of the scoreboard. Different lettering for starters.
  13. Marlins
    Destroy that sculpture. Drastically tone down the green.
  14. Indians
    Put the seats back in right. This situation is hideous. The Rockies tried it first and got it right.
  15. Braves
    Ok. They're working on this one already.
  16. Red Sox
    Maybe take the right field grandstand from the Rangers after they move into third new place.
  17. Wow great list! I'm amazed no changes to Comisky Park, most people seem to loathe it (I kind of like it).... @andersun @HisDudeness @supercommonname @JessicaBalboni @Kee_mcg @becktacular
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  18. Something the Padres and Petco got right, should be applied to all new stadiums.
    All seats face home plate. If you're way up the baseline you don't have to turn in your seat or crane your neck, you're already facing the action.
    Suggested by @HisDudeness