Rockers I've Met

I may have met more, but these are the first ten that come to mind.
  1. George Thorogood
    First rock star I met + first famous person. My first concert, I was on the stage crew and we actually hung out for a little bit.
  2. Scott Lucas
    Met him a bunch but I know he doesn't remember any. To me, Scott's the epitome of a rock star. This picture actually came up in the list app search feature.
  3. George Thorogood's drummer Jeff Simon
    One of the cooler rockers I've met (also one of the first)
  4. Murder By Death
    I've actually had separate conversations with each member separately, including one time w/ the bass player and drummer about how fucked up Rob Zombie movies are.
  5. Dick Valentine, Electric Six
    Super nice guy who's a nut on stage. Has something weird going on with his eyes up there, but not off stage.
  6. Zac Brown Band
    We watched them with a small crowd, then they watched Old Crow Medicine Show while standing with us . We told them they sounded great. A year later they played the Grammys.
  7. Patrick Sweany
    Super nice guy, great to talk to, and one of the most badass blues artists in the world.
  8. Jack Russell, Great White
    I noticed his tattoos were pretty sweet. But lately he's been looking pretty rough.
  9. Trixter
    These guys weren't much older than teenage me at the time. We got the drummer to play When The Levee Breaks.
  10. Joey Allen, Warrant
    I believe his words were: "What are you looking at?"