States that never happened

I did start out with long detailed stories behind each "almost" state, but I couldn't fit in all the info without getting carried away, verifying the accuracy was getting to be a chore, and also I remembered this is a list app, not an encyclopedia app.
  1. Absaroka
    Made this map myself
  2. City-States
    Chicago & New York City, I see the Conservatives in your states don't like you
  3. Delmarva
    Keep our peninsulas orderly
  4. Deseret
    You wish, Mormons
  5. Forgottonia
    I live in here
  6. Frankin
    Actually the birthplace of country music
  7. Jefferson
    Named after George Jefferson I assume
  8. Kanawha
    They got a better deal holding out for West Virginia
  9. Lincoln
    Illinois is the Land of Lincoln, not you Idaho
  10. Lincoln (again)
    Everybody wants a piece of Lincoln
  11. Long Island
    Ok but you can't have Brooklyn and Queens
  12. McDonald Territory
    I bet there's a McDonalds here
  13. New Columbia
    North Carolina has NC claimed already
  14. Nickajack
    Most fun name on the list
  15. Northern Massachusetts
    Didn't even want to go with Northern Maine, sheesh
  16. Puerto Rico
    Where it's always Puerto Rican Day
  17. Scott
    Not just a guy
  18. Sequoyah
    Poor Native Americans can't catch a break
  19. Superior
    You think you're better than us?
  20. Texlahoma
    Sounds like a cartoon state
  21. Transylvania
    100 years before Bram Stoker made the name scary
  22. Westsylvania
    The silliest of the -sylvanias