Inspired by @Clarkisms
  1. Kenwood Avenue
    Current residence. It's only one block long, so it feels cozy. Also shares a name with the car radio company. Only street I've lived on that's called "Avenue" but does not technically qualify as an avenue at all.
  2. Chestnut Street (#1)
    All the formative years of my youth were on Chestnut, loved the neighborhood, and it was near a park and a car wash with a Pepsi Machine (very important growing up)...
  3. Melrose Drive
    Not Melrose Place. Didn't live there long but it left a good impression. Where we lived when I started school, when my brother was born, and when CHiPs was on the air.
  4. Sycamore Street
    Nice little house on the north end of town with a long yard where we stashed my wife's old car in the back. Bad tenants.
  5. Chestnut Street (#2)
    We moved over a mile east when I was in high school and stayed there for a year. Same street that I grew up on. Didn't feel the same. Lived on the same block as the bar I go to now, but I was only 16, so that was a bust.
  6. Country Club Heights
    The fanciest sounding address I've lived at, with a view of Quincy Country Club's golf course. But we had to be super quiet and couldn't have pets.
  7. Ohio Street
    Nice area, not our favorite house. But it was our first house as a married couple. A block from where the city founder lived, a block from a bar I could've went to but didn't.
  8. Broadway Street (Quincy IL)
    Was a kid and couldn't go out front because Broadway is the busiest street in town. House isn't there anymore, it was torn down and now there's a Jimmy Johns where I first lived in Quincy.
  9. S. Broadway Street (West Salem IL)
    My first street. Broadway is the best street in West Salem IL that goes north-south.
  10. North Bottom Road
    At the end of a pretty winding road running along a creek outside of town north of a country club. Seemed very isolated and rural for a grade school kid.
  11. Highway 96
    Not a street, a county highway. Referred to my address as Route 2. Too far out of town for a 16 year old kid.
  12. Loreco Street
    First place as a married couple in Louisiana. This was an apartment complex, my bike was stolen here. Bourbon Street was next door. Not THAT Bourbon Street, but it would have been cool to live there. Just for the address though, it wasn't the safest place.
  13. Honorable mention:
    Whatever four streets I lived on while I was living on Air Force Bases. All fine streets but I can't name them.