1. The Cubs won the World Series
    If it wasn't for this, 2016 would be a complete wash. I'm a Cubs fan, but non-Cubs fans (except for gracious Indians fans & about half the Cardinals fans) were also pretty excited. It was an amazing run capped off by one of the greatest World Series ever & an amazing celebration with happy, well behaved fans that didn't burn the city down.
  2. Cleveland got a title too
    Maybe Indians fans were consoled a little by the fact the Cavs brought them a title for the first time since the 1964 Browns.
  3. New music!
    Every year brings new music, but we finally got a new Metallica album. And it's pretty good. Plus new Radiohead, Deftones, David Bowie....ahh shit, Bowie. Dang it.
  4. The first female major party presidential candidate
    Well that didn't work out well. Thanks, fuckin internet. I mean, it was historic. It was also the first presidential candidate that didn't make a swing through our town. Reality TV Star Donald Trump didn't either so I can't say that made a difference.
  5. Obama got to class up the joint for one more year
    Half the country would disagree and say nasty shit, but there's another reason I'm not on Facebook anymore. Proud of him.
  6. Stranger Things
    The Golden Age of Television marches on. A lot of thanks goes to Netflix, but network and cable even had a few goodies.
  7. That's about it.
    Could only come up with 6 things. I'm sure 2017 will be an utter shitshow.