Things I Think Radiohead's New Twitter Profile Picture Looks Like

  1. An Island
    That's it. At first glance, this Rorschach test of an image looked like a rotten crabapple. But after a second I realized it's got to be an island. I'm obsessed with it.
  2. Clearly this would be the central port with areas perfect for ship yards or hotel and resort areas.
  3. These could easily be lakes that could be lined with urban areas (like downtown Madison WI) or lakefront homes.
  4. Clearly this is an inlet. Like Guantanamo Bay, or the beach from that DiCaprio movie.
  5. There's a nice big peninsula. Ripe for a very nice lighthouse at the tip. Plenty of interior land for farming.
  6. Well that's a cape if I've even seen one.
  7. Other...
    I've seen some online suggest the melting ice cap. Some sort of medical imaging. A battered doll's head. A decaying leaf. I'm just happy the new album will be here this weekend.