Inspired by @kcupcaker
  1. Pepsi
    In returnable glass bottles. And every day I'd ask my dad for 35 cents so I could get a can from the machine at the car wash across the street.
  2. Quincy Maid Potato Chips
    Made a block from my house. They're like Lays Chips, but really greasy. Goddamn delicious.
  3. Hardee's Hamburger
    Pre-Carl's Jr. regular burger, just mustard and ketchup.
  4. Chicken McNuggets
    I remember when McNuggets first came out. Then I remember around that time they had a Shanghai dipping sauce that came with chopsticks.
  5. Green Kool-Aid
    I made the best green Kool-Aid. I could almost down a whole pitcher in one sitting.
  6. Pizzan's Pizza
    Local joint. Nothing compared. It's closed now.
  7. Pixie Stix
    Powerded candy. Lots of it. I remember snorting it one time on the school bus. It was the 80s, people were snorting powder.
  8. Fun Dip
    See above.
  9. Any cereal straight out of the box.
    Sugar, baby.