Thoughts about the Chargers move to LA

  1. That logo
    I think I'm the only person who didn't hate the LA logo. Sure they're not going to use it now after a whole rough day of ridicule, and yeah it looks like a comic book version of a Dodgers logo... but I still dig it.
  2. No new stadium
    They're not going to build this bad-ass stadium now. Seriously, check out the video.
  3. Comfortably Numb
    A year after the Rams left St. Louis, so a year after I gave up on the NFL. So I'm not as mad, but just shaking my head that this shit happened again, and so soon. Feel bad for Chargers fans. I hoped sense would possibly prevail.
  4. StubHub Center
    It'll be interesting to see an NFL team play in a stadium with less than half the capacity of every other stadium. I guess it's OK the revenue is cut in half for a couple years, plus the $650 million relocation fee, but I don't know how money works.
  5. Speaking of the MLS
    If the MLS expands yet again, it's always nicer to expand by an even number. And if San Diego gets a team like they want, surely St. Louis would too. Right? They're not diluting the talent pool, right? It's the most popular sport on Earth. Plus the fan base is there despite what Stan says.
  6. Reminder
    I didn't need to be reminded that Rams owner Stan Kroencke is a piece of shit, but what does that make Dean Spanos, who will be Stan's tenant?
  7. This season
    I'm a little disappointed I had a free season of NFL Sunday Ticket to watch whatever team I pleased, but I was so soured I chose not to partake. Bears sucked again so I was spared that. Hope the Chiefs do well but I opted not to watch them either.