I've been across MOST but not all of the bridges spanning the Mighty Miss. These are the Top 10.
  1. Quincy
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    Home base. Gateway to cheap gas and cheap cigarettes. Always a pretty view.
  2. St. Louis
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    Can't beat seeing the arch. I always still think of the scene in Vacation to this day.
  3. New Orleans
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    This bridge is so tall it's like an amusement park ride.
  4. Minneapolis
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    So much going on at this point, it's incredible.
  5. Hannibal
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    Great, fast bridge with a cool view. When I cross it I'm either starting or ending an eventful journey.
  6. Memphis
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    The Hernando DeSoto Bridge (The Big M) is great. The other bridges to the south, can't see shit when you're crossing. They represent the style of bridges at Vicksburg and Natchez.
  7. Davenport
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    The best bridge in the Quad Cities has a good look at the ballpark on the riverfront & also serves as a beautiful backdrop itself.
  8. La Crosse
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    One of many bridges that is representative of the beauty of the Upper Mississippi.
  9. Baton Rouge
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    Great view of the Louisiana capital.
  10. Keokuk
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    The river is super wide at this point and there's a cool view of the dam churning out electricity.