Top 5 Best Concert Reactions to Osama bin Laden's Death

The news of Osama bin Laden's death broke late on a Sunday night, just at the right time when everybody was still out. Many reactions were captured around the country, sporting events & such. Times Square. Outside The White House. A Phillies game. A WWE event with John Cena making the announcement. Here are my 5 favorite reactions from concerts.
  1. 5.
    Rascall Flatts
    Ok... Let me begin by saying I really thought I'd have more than the 4 concerts I originally had in mind when I started this list. So this is a little bit underwhelming. This is Rascall Flatts, a country music band I don't listen to. They were at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio CA (where Coachella is held). If you're not at a metal concert in this situation, the other best place to be is at a country concert. Whoever filmed this was 3 counties away.
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    Memphis Tennessee's own Saliva was playing a small club in Lancaster PA on this night. Saliva's career path didn't go quite the way I thought it would, it seems they petered out before they hit the level I expected. There used to be video of their announcement online, but I can't find it now - it was an a perfect intro to their biggest hit, Click Click Boom.
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    Jane's Addiction
    In Houston, Perry Farrell made the announcement in very Perry Farrell fashion... He usually comes off like the alternative rock David Lee Roth. Perry's happy about the news but it comes out more like a stoned party boy. Yeahhhh man, I like to party too, Perry...
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    I was at this show. The feeling in the crowd was incredible when news hit. I've never been at an event or in a crowd when huge news broke. It was incredible. To get the news, share it, see reactions. So I started recording every break between songs. But... nothing happened. Jeff Tweedy never mentioned it. They did play "War on War" somewhat coincidentally, first thing after after news broke, but nothing from the band. They did mention Morrissey, and I did get that:
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    This was the on next stage over from us at the same music festival in Memphis. The Wilco concert is ranked high because I was there and it's the personal reaction for me in the crowd... And I wouldn't have missed my very first Wilco show for Godsmack, but I might have traded half of it for this moment. I mean, the band who supplied the music for the Navy's goddamn recruiting commercials? I would have been PUMPED. It was the perfect introduction to I Stand Alone.