Top 5 Oldest Musical Acts I've Seen Perform Live

  1. 5.
    James Brown, 73
    Caught just part of James Brown's live show just days after he turned 73. I regret not seeing more because he put on a damn show. Lots of red sequins, brass, and backup singers putting on quite a sight to behold. James Brown passed away over 6 months later on Christmas Day.
  2. 4.
    Jerry Lee Lewis, 80
    Caught Jerry live in his mid 70s. Still decent enough at that age, better on the piano than he was singing - but it took him five minutes to get off the stage - in which he was covered the entire time by his hype man getting the crowd fired up.
  3. 3.
    Little Richard, 83
    Saw Little Richard a few years ago at age 79. Still had it, he had the fire, the love of the music and people. Skills on the piano, not quite hitting the high notes. Age was taking a toll, especially in the summer heat, but he did his best and kept apologizing for sweating so much, and the crowd gave all that love right back. Class act.
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    B.B. King, 89
    BB is older than Chuck Berry by over a year, but he was 80 when I caught his act in Memphis. He sat for the concert but his singing and guitar skills were still sharp as ever. He passed away last May.
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    Chuck Berry, 89
    The founding father of rock n roll. About a year and a half ago in St. Louis. Chuck used to do monthly shows at The Duck Room. Shouldn't have been, at 87 he could barely play & it was hard to watch. He's still alive, and I managed to catch one of the last shows.