True Crime Series Ideas; After OJ

The People v. OJ Simpson was great, amiright? Here are some other ideas that might make for more great TV...
  1. Michael Jackson
    Talk about a circus. Holy shit. Remember the reenactments on E! while it was happening?!
  2. Manson Family
    Mini Series GOLD.
  3. JonBenét Ramsey
    In the works at CBS. Remember the weirdo that tried to confess years later?
  4. Lyle & Erik Menedez
    In the works at NBC. Parodied in The Cable Guy.
  5. Leopold and Loeb
    The original Trial of the Century. Made for TV.
  6. Drew Peterson
    This a-hole's a character, would be a good role.
  7. Saddam Hussien
    Make it in English so I don't have to read subtitles.
  8. Nuremberg Trials
    This would be nuts. Crazy flashbacks. Huge cast.
  9. The Lindbergh Baby
    So it was a movie on HBO, so we'll consider it a reboot.
  10. John Wayne Gacy
    Who doesn't love a clown?
  11. Michael Swango
    Serial killer from my OWN town? Yes. Look-Him-Up.
  12. Richard Ramirez
    Scary ass serial killer + Satan + AC/DC
  13. Casey Anthony
    This one riled up a lot of people.
  14. Jodi Arias
    This bitch cray. But Nancy Grace cray cray.
  15. Richard Speck
    This nut's time in prison is as crazy as everything that came before his sentence.
  16. Amanda Knox
    I mean, they just did a TV movie, but she's hot so let's do the series version.
  17. Ted Bundy
    The role Greg Kinnear was born to play
  18. DC Sniper Trial
    The buildup to the trial would be as crazy, but the trial was nuts too.
  19. Khalid Sheik Mohammed
    The 9/11 Trial! Well it hasn't even happened yet, so just televise it, and let's do those E! reenactments anyway.
  20. Scott Peterson
    Ok it was a movie on USA, but come on.
  21. Colin Ferguson
    This dude shot up a subway then represented himself. I remember him coming off as a bit crazy.
  22. Phil Spector
    I mean, come on.
  23. Jeffrey Dahmer
    Creepy factor up to 11. Remember him getting screamed at in court?
  24. LAPD officer trial
    The four cops that beat up Rodney King... I mean, it kicked off the LA Riots.
  25. Son of Sam
    A talking dog is involved, let's do it.
  26. Rod Blagojevich
    That guy's a character, plus, I get to see more Patty Blagojevich. How you doin'...
  27. Timothy McVeigh
    This was a big trial, would be interesting to see behind the scenes.
  28. John Gotti Trial
    Can we get Scorsese to direct this series? Sweet.
  29. Lorena Bobbitt
    Insert wiener joke here. (That was a wiener joke)
  30. Amy Fischer
    Because you can never have enough Buttafuoco made-for-TV shit.
  31. The BTK Killer
    Dude scares the shit outta me- worse than any Freddy or Jason movie
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  32. Green river Killer.
    Moralistic murdering truck driver in Seattle. 48 people killed (charged with?!)
    Suggested by   @human_otter
  33. Zodiac killer
    Fincher movie was good; but reporter POV- more depth, pick best suspect
    Suggested by   @human_otter