White House Press Secretaries for the last 30 years.

Because 30 years ago I was 13 and honestly did not care before that.
  1. Marlin Fitzwater
    Reagan/Bush Press Secretary. Points for longest serving, and serving under 2 presidents. Including Bush 1's entire term. Last of the old school press secretaries before somebody realized, hey this is TV, let's put handsome younger guys in this spot.
  2. George Stephanopolous
    Clinton Director of Communications. Technically just the de facto Press Secretary, but I think Clinton wanted a young, photogenic guy in there. He was only on the job for 4 1/2 months. Parlayed his work on the campaign trail into this job, and then parlayed that into a TV news job.
  3. Dee Dee Myers
    Clinton Press Secretary. Points for being the first female press secretary. I remember her doing a pretty decent job. Was the inspiration for CJ Cregg on The West Wing.
  4. Mike McCurry
    Clinton Press Secretary. I barely remember this guy. Mid 90s, I had other things going on. But this is the dude who had to spin the Lewinsky scandal. Points for that.
  5. Joe Lockhart
    Clinton Press Secretary. This guy had a lot of personality right? I think that's what I remember. Also had to trudge through the Lewinsky stuff. Points.
  6. Jake Siewert
    Clinton Press Secretary. Honestly I don't even remember this guy. Granted he was only press sec. for under 4 months. Clinton's last.
  7. Ari Fleischer
    Bush Press Secretary. I like Ari, he's alright. I especially like he's throwing up the devil horns in this pic. 🤘🏻 Points for being Bush's press sec. early on and being likable enough. Probably made things a lot easier.
  8. Scott McClelland
    Bush Press Secretary. Capable. Kinda of a dork. Looks a whole lot like a friend of mine more than anything.
  9. Tony Snow
    Bush Press Secretary. So, 3/4 through his presidency Bush just brought in right wing talking head Tony Snow. Good move though, he's a media guy, and a spin doctor with a handsome head on his shoulders. Sadly passed away a year after the job.
  10. Dana Perino
    Bush Press Secretary. Another right wing media person direct from the Fox News stable of blonde talking heads. Perino wins the prize for hottest Press Secretary. I don't mean to be sexist, but she was good looking.
  11. Robert Gibbs
    Obama Press Secretary. Nice guy, came in with Obama off the campaign trail. Fun fact: Now the Chief Communications Officer for McDonalds.
  12. Jay Carney
    Obama Press Secretary. Did a good job. Really don't have anything else to say. He wore glasses. And such a big fan of Guided By Voices, it made his Wikipedia page.
  13. Josh Earnest
    Obama Press Secretary. Named most popular Press Secretary and I gotta agree, this dude was charming. Not only that, he was good at what he did.
  14. Sean Spicer
    Trump Press Secretary. Ugh. This guy is the fucking worst. Yes I'm biased, but seriously he's factually not good at his job.
  15. Bill Murray
    Obama Press Secretary. For like 2 minutes. Holy shit. I wish.