Long flight from Oz to Japan
  1. The Martian
    I know - seen by everyone already, but this was my first chance. Great job bring book to screen. Just make sure you read the book!!
  2. Burnt
    Bradley Cooper plays a great arrogant arse. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this one.
  3. Ray Donovan
    I completely misunderstood what this show was about so apologies to Mr. Schreiber - this show is GREAT!! Kids won't be watching it but I'm racking it down.
  4. The Intern
    I like the premise of the movie and Ms. Hathaway & Mr De Niro are a great fit for their roles. Will watch again.
  5. The Man from UNCLE
    I really like this one. Good fun, twists and great characters. I've only seen some of the old TV series, but this was a great selection for a remake. More of this please.