Signs that he is a douche!!!

Raising teen girls has really just made me even more of a feminist than I already am
  1. Nothing is ever his fault
  2. Anger issues
  3. Plays fetch aka catch and release with you and your emotions
  4. Puts "woe is me" crap on his social media making you look bad when it's actually about an ex he can't get over
  5. All of his exes say he is crazy(for good reason)
  6. All of his friends tell you he's no good and that he is crazy and you are way to good for him(if his own best friends are saying he's a horrible dude, LISTEN!!! RUN!!!)
  7. He's a stalker(driving by your house daily when he has no business on your street, isn't cute... It's crazy!!!)
  8. You've caught him in numerous lies... He's a habitual liar
  9. He talks crap about all of your friends and family yet kisses their ass to their faces(classic control and possibly abusive behavior pattern. It's trying to isolate you from important people while making himself seem so sweet to them... I see through that bull shit)
  10. He doesn't take you to coed parties and lies about going to them
  11. Talks to you like you're a whore and not a lady
  12. Has he had to apologize for the way he has treated you more than once??? If yes, he's a douche canoe... Run away!