1. Goodbye bread, cheese, honey, and chocolate.
    I will miss you, but I know you're not good for me.
  2. Hello feeling healthy!
    After I've made it through both the sugar hangover and the kill everything days.
  3. I'm really not ready for the sugar hangover...
  4. .. Or the kill everything period.
  5. But I want to feel better than I have been.
  6. So is time to clear out my fridge and restock.
  7. Maybe I should go one step further?
  8. I could do the low histamine version.
    My allergies are driving me crazy and I have no idea what's doing it.
  9. But am I really ready to give up eggs, nuts, spinach, strawberries, bananas, and citrus too?
  10. Maybe...
  11. Either way I go though, hopefully in a week I'll be feeling much better.