Stuff on my desk at work

I have a lot of stuff. Next to none of it is necessary. I swear I'm an adult with a job and everything.
  1. Phone
    Actually necessary.
  2. Two computer monitors
    Again necessary.
  3. Bobble head owl
    It's solar powered.
  4. Cup full of crayons
    I like to color.
  5. Mug of markers
    I really like to color.
  6. Coloring pencils
    I also have a lot of free time.
  7. Page a day coloring calendar
    It was a gift. And I love it!
  8. A bottle of honey
    You never know when you'll need honey.
  9. Hand sanitizer
    My germophobia demands this.
  10. Baby Groot
    You all know you're jealous.
  11. A teddy bear
    I won it at work.
  12. A solar powered dancing flower
    I don't know why.
  13. Origami paper
    I can fold exactly one thing from memory.
  14. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
    I've got to pick a new book. I just can't get into this one.
  15. Several cups
    I only use one at a time, but they just keep giving them to me.
  16. Tape dispenser
    Useful for taping origami cranes all over the place.
  17. Tissues
    Regularly stolen by anyone walking by.
  18. Pens, post it notes, and notebooks
    Marginally useful. But only for meetings away from my desk.
  19. Cell phone charger and ear buds
    Absolutely necessary. Just not for my job.
  20. Lotion
    Several different types.
  21. Tennis ball, bouncy ball, stress ball
    We play catch sometimes.
  22. I swear I actually work
    I play a lot too.