Best Memories I Have In Photo Form

  1. Insanity...
    5 hours in the car back from King's Canyon can get boooh-ring.
  2. Terrible Group Photos FTW
    my first open-mic at a local coffee shop has gotten me quite a following.
  3. Exchange Students
    Yes, that's my whole school. The goon in the back that's being given the bunny ears is Mo, a german exchange student that visited this past fall.
  4. Exchange Students, cont'
    May I present to you, some of the best human beings on planet earth. The lovely lady next to me is my Spanish sister, Alba, beside her, renown drum lord Andrew Olson, and furthest to the right, my Spanish teacher, music instructor, and life mentor, Nicholas Larson. Some quite lovely people.
  5. More Great People
    This was taken at my 16th birthday party. I forget who was actually taking the photo (Hannah I believe) but we decided to take a group fake selfie. I don't think we really decided who would be "holding the camera" but we didnt need to, I guess.
  6. Judith Beheading Holofernes
    Here's our reenactment of the infamous Carravagio work. I know. We're nerds.
  7. Fab-u-lous
    Straws make the best hair accessories. Obviously.
  8. sloCAHS sophomores. 2015-16
    Oh how I will miss these goons.
  9. Chubby Cheeks!
    All your problems just disappear with that laugh. I wish I had gotten a video.
  10. Freshman Year
    At the top of Cone Peak. Yes, we go camping twice a year. Because we can. Yes, this WAS my entire school. No, we havent really grown much at all. It's ok.