A Movie I Love That No One Else Seems To Give a Flying Flip About

  1. Catch and Release (2006)
    There are a few reasons I love this movie.
  2. Timothy Olyphant
    Not only gorg, but also deeper than he seemed initially. You gotta love a guy who "changes his ways."
  3. Jennifer Garner
    Cutely adorable in general. I don't like many of her films. In this film she was a hot mess, but she figured it out.
  4. Kevin Smith
    Not Silent Bobbing it this time. He plays a guy who can't deal with his friends death. He's kinda awesome!
  5. I think mainly I just like movies that make me feel something in relation to my life. I relate to Jennifer Garner's character. I was really a naive type too, and I also received a similar unpleasant surprise once in my life. It made me question all that came before. I too figured it all out...mostly.