Like most, I did not personally know Biz. She is known to me through this app alone. Regardless of this I feel compelled to speak about one of our own, a fellow lister.
  1. Biz was one of the first people to follow me, and comment on my very few number of lists.
  2. As a mostly introverted person this app has meant a lot to me.
  3. You never know if you will be invited in, but people like Biz make you feel at home.
  4. In the very recent past I listed about some of my own struggles with depression and anxiety.
  5. Everyone who responded was warm and heartfelt.
  6. I feel this is a community of people who really care who is behind the screen, sharing their thoughts, joys and sadness.
  7. There is no judgment, just support. This is rare on social media. In many cases the person uses the fact that they are behind a screen to be cruel.
  8. So many people loved Biz. I have read so many lovely lists made on her behalf.
  9. I wish I had known her better.
  10. I wish she had felt some of the love that was radiating in her direction.
  11. I understand that some days it's a task to even get out of bed, much less see the hope for better days that surrounds us.
  12. Things such as these simultaneously make no sense at all and all the sense in the world.
  13. "In order for stars to shine there has to be darkness"
  14. Some of those that shine the brightest, such as Biz, are the ones who live in perpetual darkness.
  15. It is such a disservice to the world when those bright lights burn out.
  16. I thank all of you on this app. You are a caring bunch.
  17. I am proud to be a member.
  18. If ever a time comes when you feel your light dimming please talk to someone, anyone.
  19. I will listen.
  20. Your list mates will listen.
  21. God will listen.
  22. Rest well Biz.