Requested by @BWN_7
Summers With My Sister
  1. My sister is 14 years older than me. She was in her 20's and married when I was a kid.
  2. She and her husband lived in Arkansas , and I live in Oklahoma. My mom was super strict, but somehow my sister convinced her to let me stay the summer with her.
  3. It was nice to go somewhere where I wasn't considered a little adult all the time. I could play, get dirty, and be silly without repercussion.
  4. There are so many stories from that time.
  5. My sister still loves to tease me about how afraid of snakes I was/am. She lived way out in the country, there were LOTS of snakes.
  6. She was mean, chasing me around her house with a dead snake on a broom!
  7. The thing is... as soon as I saw a snake I would go in the house and not come back out. Inside there wasn't much to do.
  8. I think this is how I cultivated my love of music, reading, and writing.
  9. I would sit around listening to records, and think. I still think a lot.
  10. Other fun aspects where swimming in creeks, picking blackberries, and working in her garden.
  11. The best part of all was spending time with my sister. I idolized her then and I still do.
  12. It's amazing to have a sister at all. There is always someone to talk to, to lift me up, to listen to me cry.
  13. Her being so much older was problematic at first, she was more like another mother than a sister.
  14. As we both got older things changed, and I learned that she is full of expertise and wisdom. She is funny and we have so much in common.
  15. All these memories of my sister start with me going to her house as a child.
  16. Those are the moments I'd relive over and over.