Things about my dad

Inspired by @hannatalonen
  1. My dad is 81.
  2. He is the polar opposite of my mother.
    He is laid back, funny, and takes things for what they are.
  3. He adopted me when I was 7.
    My bio dad gave up rights to me, and never saw me anyway.
  4. He has always made me laugh.
  5. He says off the wall things, especially when giving advice.
    He once told me to tell a bully that the eagle howls at midnight.
  6. He made sure I was happy.
    I hated getting the sun in my eyes so he made me a special visor that covered my side of the windshield in his truck. (He could never get away with that now)
  7. He is the BEST guy that I have ever known.
  8. People used to always say we looked alike!
    Not genetically possible,lol
  9. He has always talked about seeing angels around us.
  10. He used to rock a poncho and ten gallon hat.
  11. He has stage four colon cancer.
  12. He has taken his diagnosis well.
    His only worry is making sure I take care of my mom.
  13. He is doing chemo, and it's going well.
  14. He once cried when he thought I was lost.
    He also cried when I moved out.
  15. He taught me that a man showing his emotions was a beautiful thing.
  16. I love him so much, and am so scared at the thought of letting him go.