Things That Were Cool At My High School

  1. Cole-Haan Shoes
    We were a bit preppy.
  2. Rolled up....
    So cool
  3. Girbaud Jeans
    Only the rich kids had em, so not me.
  4. Colored Wranglers
    It's Oklahoma bro! Garth Brooks was super famous then.
  5. Tag Team
    Idk why?
  6. Dooney & Burke bags
    Again, the rich kids had em!
  7. Fossil Watches
    Braided band and multicolored silver and gold links were in.
  8. Crazy big hair
    It was the 90's!
  9. Beepers
    Because knowing someone wanted to call you was awesome!
  10. Bodysuits
    I had one similar to this, most had snaps in the crotch like a babies onesie, lol!
  11. Salsa Rio Doritos
    In the student store at lunch with nacho cheese and chili! Yum, I miss these.
  12. Color Me Badd
    Again, I'm from Oklahoma, and so were these guys. We are a loyal people! 😉
  13. I graduated in 1995, it's amazing I could remember this much,lol!