Today I am having a particularly rough day. I just need some things off my chest.
  1. I'm tired of my husband downplaying how I feel.
  2. I am living with anxiety and depression.
  3. Some days are harder (much) than others.
  4. Today was one of those days.
  5. I have had no meds for two days. Not by choice, hubby lost his job so no more insurance!
  6. Surprise! You can't afford the thing that keeps you on an even keel.
  7. Today all I want to do is cry. I have to not cry so I don't scare my clients and kids.
  8. My husband thinks that I'm just a "negative person".
  9. He does not take me the least bit seriously.
  10. What do you do when the person you are supposed to trust with your heart and soul thinks you are being over dramatic?
  11. Life is so overwhelming right now.
  12. I'm in grad school, I have 2 jobs, and I'm supposed to start a counseling internship in August.
  13. I have three awesome kids.
  14. All I need is for someone to listen. I need validation that I'm experiencing something real, not made up in my head.
  15. Some days it is all too much.
  16. This is not the type of list I like or want to do.
  17. It is a place that I feel that I can say what I need to and not face the judgment I'm used to.
  18. I'm just tired.
  19. Thanks for listening.
  20. If someone you love is living with mental illness do not disregard it as drama, silliness, or all in their head.
  21. It's not something to snap out of!
  22. It's not just a bad day!
  23. It's real, and how the person handles it might depend on how YOU do when they need an ear.
  24. That is all.