Why I love my home state: OKLAHOMA!

There are so many great things about the Sooner State. There are so many misconceptions about living here though. For example, no one I know owns a tractor, rides a horse anywhere, or married their cousins. I don't own a farm, I have all my teeth, and I done graduated from the sixth grade because I know all my gazintas! Here is to my great state!
  1. Oklahoma is a beautiful place. So many lakes, beautiful sunsets, and other earthly masterpieces. I have been many places, and I always want to come home.
  2. Oklahomans are dedicated to their sports teams. My favorite college team is of course OU! This is passed down for generations here. Saturday is game day so my phone better not ring. If it does you are getting ignored. The saying goes "Sooner born, and Sooner bred, and when I die I'll be Sooner dead."
  3. Our only pro team is the OKC Thunder! We love them, and we show it from Loud City! We have our fingers crossed that Kevin Durant will stay, and if he doesn't we will be okay because of the Beast that is Russell Westbrook! Thunder Up!
  4. How many states have their very own musical? Right now, you are trying not to sing the song aren't you? Me too! It's okay. 😀
  5. There are a ton of cool people from here. Like: Bill Hader, James Garner, James Marsden, Lee Pace, Olivia Munn, Brad Pitt, and pretty much every country singer ever!
  6. We are a united front when it really matters. I live in what is considered the tornado capital of Oklahoma: Moore. There have been several devastating events, and we always pull together. After 2013, it was hard to just drive down the street, and look at our torn up town. We cleaned up, rebuilt, and remember.
  7. Same goes for other forms of tragedy as well. The Murrah Bombing was horrible, but people helped each other. It was hard to see, but we looked, and we carried on, and today we are all stronger for it.
  8. Most people are nice, and take care of each other on just normal days, ones without tragedy or fear! You can't walk by a person without hearing a hello or receiving a smile.
  9. In Oklahoma you can have all four seasons in a week! LITERALLY, it happens!
  10. Mostly, I love it because it's home.