these are ~vibes~ I intend to emulate in my own life
  1. Almost Famous
    I've been in a real '70s kick lately. let's bring bell bottoms back, people.
  2. Moonrise Kingdom
    sometimes I wish I could be a romantic, expressionless teenager who wears knee socks and goes camping
  3. I Heart Huckabees
    the opening scene is just genius.
  4. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    I strangely enough enjoyed the movie more than the book, but it's honestly beautiful.
  5. Hard Day's Night
    the best Beatles movie ever. also one of my favorite movies in general
  6. Super 8
    i like the idea of having a strange group of friends who bond over a sci fi adventure and find love and learn the meaning of friendship while saving the world
  7. Frances Ha
    this kind of genius is underrated. honestly a wonderful film. also it'd be cool to live life in black in white.
  8. Amélie
    I shouldn't have to explain this one.