Once you get out of bed you can't get back in for like a fullll 12 hours at the very least...
  1. Run through my closet in my mind, and decide which clothes I will mismatch today
  2. Reach next to me and pick out underwear and socks according to my mood
  3. Plop a tab of Berocca into my still-full glass of water next to my bed (I always think I'm gonna wake up parched in the middle of the night, never do)
  4. Check to see if any of the small children in my life have new pictures (I JUST REALLY LOVE BABIES). I hope this doesn't sound creepy, just take it for face value.
  5. Sit on different corners of my bed to find the various items of clothing I have pre-decided to mismatch
  6. Open the window
  7. Get dressed, under the covers, with the window wide open. JUXTAPOSITION!!!!
  8. Put my makeup on without spilling too much on my all-white bed. Risks like this I enjoy. It's just life amiright? Plus it's just sheets, and I have two more sets.
  9. Stalk everyone I need to on Instagram, subsequently tag my best friends in annoying posts with annoying comments. It's my way of saying "good morning! Happy to be alive and know you."
  10. Check my calendar for the day, see if I need to leave for the office right now or if I can put my head down on my pillow for approx 3-4 more mins (fully ready) before I get out of bed for the whole entire day