Lies that worked surprisingly well on my daughter when she was younger

My daughter is 18 now and sporadically reminds me of these.....
  1. That's the music truck - it drives around the neighborhood playing music
    I got busted when the ice cream truck visited her summer daycare. In my defense our neighborhood ice cream truck only seemed to drive around our neighborhood close to bedtime.
  2. The tooth fairy pays double on Sundays
    She would not let us pull out a tooth that was dangling until we gave her that new info.
  3. (Security) Blankets aren't allowed on vacation
    We forgot her security blanket and all of the spares for our first trip to Disneyworld when she was 2 1/2
  4. I'll just call Santa and let him know he doesn't need to stop by our house in the morning
    She did not want to go to bed and go to sleep on Christmas Eve because she had received a few toys from family and wanted to keep playing.