I like a lot of different types of music - songs from before I was born to current hits; from rock to pop to novelty to Broadway. Listening to my iPod in the car I started keeping track of all of the songs I love that elicit blank stares and crickets when I play them for other people. In no particular order.
  1. What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round by the Monkees (1967)
    I think the Monkees are unappreciated as a group. Yes they were a tv band but they sang a lot of catchy songs. This one was sung by Mike Nesmith and has a country-ish feel. Sample lyric: "But I guess your chances come but once and boy I sure missed mine. And still I can't stop thinkin' when I hear some whistle cryin'. What am I doing hangin' 'round? I should be on that train and gone."
  2. Right By Your Side by the Eurythmics (1983)
    Incredibly catchy song with a Jamaican style beat. Sample lyric: "I need to swing from limb to limb to relieve this mess I'm in. Cause when depression starts to win, I need to be right by your side."
  3. Wipeout by Fat Boys & Beach Boys (1987)
    This was a great little beach/rap song mash up that sampled the Wipeout instrumental song from the 1960s. Sample lyric: "For three years straight we toured the nation. When we got through we needed a vacation....We was partying hard, making lots of noise when around the corner came the real Beach Boys. So we all jumped up and started to shout. Let's all sing the song called the Wipeout."
  4. Recognize by Better than Ezra (2001)
    This song has more of a heavy metal beat with a apocalyptic theme. Sample lyric: "Just before I hit the ground I woke up in my bed. I was dazed and I was weary and my heart was full of dread. When I looked at my reflection I was horrified to find. There were seven horsemen next to me, the angel close behind. They told me you better recognize."
  5. My Baby's in Love with Eddie Vedder by Weird Al Yankovic (1999)
    Weird Al is best known for his parody songs but he also has great original songs. Sample lyric: "Well I don't wear Doc Martens and I don't wear flannel. And I don't boycott the music video channel. And I just can't compete with all that money and fame but two can play at this kind of game. We'll lets just see how jealous she gets when I start stalking Alanis Morrisette."